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Grand Knight"s Report


Grand Knight’s report:

      I’d like to say that even though we are confined to our homes, denied attending Mass and even denied meeting with our Brother’s at our usual meetings, it doesn’t mean we have to lose our humanity and social conscience. We can still say a small prayer of gratitude that our lives could be much worse and another prayer for those who are not as lucky as we are.

                Many say of the poor “ I made a success of myself and so can the poor if they weren’t lazy”. If you think about it honestly, we don’t really do anything by ourselves. Some of us had the luck to be born into a comfortable financially secure family, some had the fortune of meeting someone that for one reason or another gave us our first break, some had a door opened for us by fathers or other relatives and some were just in the right place at the right time. The reverse is also true. Many people lost jobs and opportunities because of an illness or a social setback, trusting the wrong person or family member and allowing fear to dictate our growth. My point in all this is something said all the time. We are all together in this for better or worse and it is impossible to achieve anything alone. The next time you feel a jolt of fear from a homeless person, think of what Jesus might think or do.

Brendan Butler, G.K. #2599


Fourth degree




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Knights of Columbus

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The winners this year for the Elementary division were, first, Roxy Wiles, Butteville Elementary School and second, Corrina Clifford, Sisson Middle School.  For the Junior High division, first, Mitchell Repass, Golden Eagle and second, Patience Russell, Delphic Elementary School.

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